Why a Warehouse Wedding

What person hasn’t fantasized about their wedding day? From the perfect dress, to the perfect partner and of course, the perfect venue. Some dream of reciting their vows on a sandy beach with an ocean view, while others envision their nuptials taking place inside of an ancient chapel with high ceilings and colorful stained-glass windows. Some might’ve fantasized getting hitched in an exotic location and others have been amused by the thought of an enthralling Las Vegas wedding officiated by an ordained Elvis. Wherever you imagined your dream wedding to be, it was probably somewhere beautiful, enchanting and romantic- and most likely didn’t include a warehouse. Contrary to traditional wedding locations, warehouses aren’t recognized for their charm. However, there’s no doubt that the industrial scene has become a hot spot for couples to tie the knot. The open space, bare backdrops, and urban vibe welcomes couples to personalize the setting exactly to their liking. If you’re looking for a venue, maybe you shouldn’t count it out just yet.

Warehouse Wedding Venues, A Blank Canvas

“No place will fully accommodate the desires of your vivid imagination, except for a warehouse.”

As a natural artist, you probably want full control over how every wall, corner, nook and cranny looks. You want to customize the layout entirely without the interference of fixed placements disrupting your vision. You’ve done your research and you’ve seen firsthand the complications that accompany every venue. The outdated style of the church conflicts with the modern look you wanted; the plant-filled garden occupies too many insects for your guests to sit comfortably through the service, or the hotel ballroom prohibits the elements of design you saw on Pinterest. And there’s probably an array of other things that clash with your conceptualization. No place will fully accommodate the desires of your vivid imagination, except for a warehouse. It is the blank canvas you desire to paint the most magical vision you have for the biggest day of your life. If you can’t decide between a traditional, alternative, modern, bohemian, rustic or vintage themed wedding, a warehouse offers the unique opportunity to let your creativity run wild.

Unlike the Rest

You’ve always been different. The type to go against the grain, take risks and draw attention. You won’t settle for a church venue, hotel ballroom, beach, backyard, banquet hall, or barn because as gorgeous as they can be, they’re too mainstream. History shows your radicalized style and uniqueness is unmatched, and your wedding will be no different. A warehouse wedding venue offers the same distinctive quality you possess, so why run from what you know feels right?

“You’ve always been different.”

Space Galore

Sunkist Warehouse Wedding Venue Space

You don’t have to worry about not having enough room to dance or tables to accommodate your growing guest list. A warehouse offers an open floor plan that will probably leave you with more space than you asked for! With so many bodies compacted under the same roof, most celebrations can feel a tad too stuffy. Luckily, the high ceilings and large square footage of a warehouse eliminates that problem. You can add more decorations and props to your wedding without the worry of taking up too much space, because space is all there is!

“…the place that makes every moment feel like magic”

Where you decide to have your nuptial ceremony/reception is significant simply because it becomes the place you choose to commit to the love of your life, for the rest of your life. The setting provides lasting memories for the bride, groom and guests. When you recite your vows or have your first dance, you want to feel that you chose the place that makes every moment feel like magic; whether that be in a church, your backyard, or in a beautiful big warehouse.

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