Hosting a corporate event can be a daunting task for anyone. There’s an extensive to-do list that keeps growing and you’re running out of energy. So much is at stake and it’s your responsibility to ensure the event positively reflects the company’s brand and values. Overwhelmed doesn’t suffice to describe how you feel. It’s a tremendous job but realize that it wouldn’t be yours to do if you didn’t already possess the skills and capacity to deliver. With organization, creativity, strategical planning, and of course, a great venue, you’re capable of pulling off anything. Follow the tips below to keep you on track to hosting an unforgettable event.  

Clarify what type of event you are hosting 

Once you have a firm understanding of what type of event you’re hosting, it’ll make planning it significantly easier. Clarify for yourself what it is you plan on hosting. Common types of corporate events include:  

  • Charity events 
  • Product launches 
  • Seminars 
  • Conferences 
  • Business dinners 
  • Shareholder/corporate board meetings 
  • Year-end functions 
  • Team building events 

Define your goals for the event 

In addition to the goals you personally aim to achieve for the event, you need to address the company’s expectations and what they seek to gain from this.  Before setting plans into motion, hold a brief meeting to confirm everyone’s visions are harmonious and that you’re communicating the desired message to attendees.  

Figure out your timeline, create a checklist and set a budget 

Once those goals are clearly established, it’s time for you to create a checklist of everything you need to do, a timeline based off that list and a budget. If you’re managing a team, it might be helpful to utilize a project management software to assist in work organization and efficiency.  

“Address the company’s expectations and what they seek to gain from this.”

Choose a Venue 

Find a place that can accommodate the number of people you expect to attend. Be sure that they offer all the services you seek and more. When you pick the venue, you also want to make sure it’s a setting you feel would be perfect for the exact kind of event you’re hosting. Minuscule features like lighting and wall color can play more of a substantial role in the mood of a space than people tend to realize. 

Begin marketing ASAP 

This is the time to flex your marketing and promotion skills, connections and resources. Marketing should begin far in advanced to the event, so be sure to whip up some nice graphics, enticing press releases, blogs, and videos and send it out into the world!  

Prep the Venue 

It’s the big day! You’ve worked incredibly hard, but you’re not done yet! As coordinator/planner, you must show up hours early before the event. Make sure the furniture is set up, oversee decorations, check all IT, audio and video equipment is working properly, prep the stage with props and podiums for speakers, check to see that all caterers have arrived and operations are running smoothly. Last but certainly not the least, double-check your safety and security measures are in place.  

A corporate event hosted at the Sunkist Warehouse (entrance to warehouse space)

“You must show up hours early before the event”

Help Guests Navigate 

Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to an event where you can’t find the parking lot, the entrance or the bathroom. Place clear signs in designated areas to lessen the confusion for your guests. Markers will help them navigate the space to limit roaming and the chances of getting lost. 

Encourage Social Media Activity 

It’s your job to stimulate buzz and publicity around this event long before it occurs. This way, you won’t have to worry about marketing on the day of because your guests will be doing that for you. You can help by encouraging them to post on all their channels. This is the best way to generate online traffic to your brand or company. You can even create a hashtag they can include in their captions, design a backdrop for photos or even a cool Snapchat filter.  

Follow up with attendees 

Though the event is over, your work is not yet done. It’s time to follow up with your guests while the excitement of the event is still alive. Schedule an email sequence and keep them talking about the great experience they had at the event you planned and organized.   

“Follow up with your guests while the excitement of the event is still alive.”

Capture the highlights  

Well after the event has ended, you may have garnered enough content from your guests’ social channels or from whoever you hired to capture scenes from the event. It’s time to share those highlights with the world and marvel at the success! Brag about the accomplishments you worked hard to achieve. Your company will want to brag about those feats.

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