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We’ve noticed an influx of callers who struggle to locate our building. Our warehouse was once a citrus factory where local farmers packaged and processed plants for Sunkist. So, the warehouse was strategically placed to convenience these farmers whose citrus fields were not too far away. Since then, the City of Mesa has grown and developed tremendously. Businesses and residential communities have completely overcome and occupied surrounding areas, making it slightly more difficult for some people to find our warehouse. Most people who come to the building often call us lost and happen to be only a block or two away. Depending on the GPS navigation tool you use, it may direct you to the business across the street or one a mile down the road from us. We understand that technology is not without flaws, so we’ve compiled general instructions on how to get to us from every direction (north, south, east and west). Hopefully, these point-by-point instructions along with the photos are enough to help you navigate your way to us.

If you are coming from the West Side/101 Freeway

  1. Go straight down Broadway Road heading east. The main streets you will pass are Dobson Road, Alma School Road, and Country Club Road.  
  2. Go pass the U-Haul storefront situated on the right corner before Country Club Road.
  3. Once you pass the Country Club light, you will see 4Wheel Parts on the righthand side- our building is diagonal to this business.  
  4. On the left side of the road is Paz De Cristo, an outreach center with tan colored brick walls, pass this and continue straight through the overpass.  
  5. Directly to your LEFT will be a charcoal-colored brick wall, this encloses our parking lot. Several yards down is a large copper-colored wall with the KSport and Voodoo13 logos in silver lettering.  
  6. Just as you pass the median, take a left into the four-parking spot lot in front of our building.  
  7. If you are visiting, park in one of these spots and then climb the steps to the right of the building to reach our entrance.  

If you are coming from the East side:

  1. Go straight down Broadway Road heading west. The main lights you will pass are Horne, Mesa Drive, and Center Street, however the closest light to us is MacDonald.  NOTE: If you ‘re getting closer to the huge F.P. Nielson & Sons towers, you are heading in the right direction.  
  2. Once you pass the MacDonald light, there will be several businesses you see on your right-hand side, continue straight.  
  3. Soon, you’ll notice our charcoal-colored walls and two large black warehouses with several bay doors. Head straight.
  4. Once you see the rustic red brick building, you’ve arrived. When you reach the end of the building, take a right where our front lot and entrance are.  
  5. Park in one of these spots and then climb the steps to the right of the building to reach our entrance. 

If you’re coming from the North side/ Arizona 202 Freeway:

  1. Head South on Country Club Road. The main lights you will pass are University Drive and Main Street.  
  2. Continue straight past 1st Ave, then make sure you’re in the furthest right lane.  
  3. Head under the overpass and take a right at the next light, Broadway Access Road.  
  4. Follow the curve and take a right on Broadway Road
  5. Then get in your left lane and head straight. Once you pass the median, take a left into the lot.  
  6. Park in one of these spots and then climb the steps to the right of the building to reach our entrance. 

If you’re coming from the South Side (Country Club Road/ U.S. 60) 

  1. Head North on Country Club Road. The main light you will pass is Southern Ave.  Our warehouse is located on the next main street, Broadway Road. Be sure to stay on the lane closest to your right. 
  2. The next main light is Broadway Access Road. Avoid going under the overpass, but rather take the access road. 
  3. Take a right and our building will be directly to your left. 
  4. Just as you pass the median, take a left into the four-parking spot lot in front of our building.  
  5. Use the staircase on the right of the building to reach our entrance.  

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