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What else goes on in here? 

We’ve been approached countless times during events by guests who are wondering what other businesses occupy the warehouse. When you walk past the black curtains that divide the large venue space, you’ll see several things. First, you’ll notice some assembly tables topped with different tools, metal parts, boxes and shelves stacked with miscellaneous items. The most notable sight is the assortment of classic cars lining the back wall. After many events, we’ve noticed the same bewildered look on guests’ faces when they see the world behind the black curtains dividing their event atmosphere with the rest of the warehouse. 

“What is this place?” “What do you guys do here?” Some people want to take photos next to the cars, some want to wonder beyond our caution tapes, and others just want to go to the restroom and get back to the event. We’re always excited to share insight on our awesome building and all the businesses that operate under our roof. So, in case you were wondering what they are, here’s the rundown! 

“What is this place?” “What do you guys do here?”

Autoline Industries 

Machine shop floor with CNC Machines

The Sunkist Warehouse business is a subsidiary of Autoline Industries, along with the other four brands that will be covered below. The parent company, Autoline Industries, is an innovative manufacturing and distribution company specializing in CNC machining, lasering, and assembly. When the current owner purchased the historical Sunkist Factory building in 2014, he hoped to maintain its historic charm. However, the goal was also to reinvent the space to suit the other businesses. Following over a year’s long worth of renovations, Sunkist is now a unique warehouse space with modern elements throughout.

It comfortably houses all the business subsidiaries of Autoline Industries with excess room to promote an event space. Toward the lower middle half of the building, our machines run from 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. every weekday producing metal parts of all kinds. This includes automotive components, molds, firearms, gears, enclosures, bracketry, building, and fabrication, components, to name a few. The tables just behind the black curtains make up the assembly area for the products machined on our shop floor.  

KSport USA 

KSport shelves

The second of the six businesses is KSport USA. This is an auto-manufacturing company that began in 2003. KSport USA focuses on bringing affordable, durable, and high-performing suspension, brake, and air ride systems to the automotive market. The company currently partners with several professionals in the industry including formula drift driver Riley Sexsmith and Corey Hosford (who occasionally drifts in our east parking lot). Adjacent to the machinists’ area are extensive shelves that hold KSport kits. Fun fact: some of the cars lined against our back wall actually contain KSport kits. 

Moreover, the company hosts several car shows throughout the year. These turnouts are always huge with hundreds of cars in our lots and inside of the warehouse space. If you’ve been to the Sunkist warehouse, you’ll notice the floor is hard concrete- this is to accommodate the versatile events we host, including car shows. These shows entail a handful of cars that drive in and out of the space.


Assembly tables

Voodoo13USA is an aftermarket automotive performance part manufacturer specializing in the production of MIL-SPEC grade suspension components for both street and track vehicles. Similar to KSport, Voodoo13 parts support different drives- street, drift, and road racing. All of the parts are engineered, designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house. Through Autoline, Voodoo parts are CNC machined in the back of the warehouse. They are assembled behind the black curtains you see in the Sunkist space, and shipped out through our shipping and handling department located in the back of the warehouse. 


ASIC Miner

BlokForge is the fourth brand and business subsidiary of Autoline Industries that operates under the same roof of the Sunkist warehouse. It is a U.S. based ASIC mining company offering competitive prices for all types of cryptocurrency hardware. Our specialty is ASIC, GPU, Coin, Hash and related accessories. BlokForge is an international brand and a proud partner of crypto mining distributor, Canaan, also the renowned inventor of the world’s first ASIC Bitcoin miner. The company began after the 2017 market surge in Bitcoin. 

The past year alone has brought tremendous exposure to cryptomining. The BlokForge team ensures unwavering commitment to meet the growing demand of the industry by providing all the necessary equipment for the end user. Our confidence in the crypto market has been enough to begin offering employees Bitcoin as a payment alternative to the fiat dollar. Moreover, our building currently houses miners, and stores crypto hardware. When you visit our space, you’ll notice that one of the front office rooms always has a couple miners running.   


Huuman Face mask packaging

This is the newest brand of the businesses. At the start of the global pandemic, we saw a rising need for personal protective equipment throughout local communities. Our team knew that there was a possibility we could contribute to help make a difference and keep our communities safe and healthy. Thus, the brand Huuman was born. With the coronavirus spreading rapidly through all parts of the world, everyone had to mask up to minimize exposure. Places of business, and public spaces would all require face masks for entry, inevitably making it a fashion staple of this peculiar time in history. 

Since the start of the brand, our team has been dedicated to providing communities and healthcare professionals with high quality personal protective equipment including the disposable face mask, KN95s, face shields, and hand sanitizers. At the start of the lockdown, we donated over 3,000 masks to several non-profit organizations in the greater Phoenix area. We store boxes of our personal protective gear near the back of our warehouse.

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