Venue Checklist

With so many tasks to juggle, finding the ideal space for your occasion should be one of the first things to cross off your to-do list. Though there’s much to consider when choosing the perfect venue, investing your money in the right one is very important. This is because venue shopping is one of the foundational endeavors in event planning and can determine several things including: the number of guests allowed to attend, what vendors are allowed, the activities that take place, and your overall budget. We’ve simplified the process for you and compiled this brief checklist you should consider before making any bold decisions and depositing your money somewhere that won’t meet your needs. 

Guest Size 

chairs spaced out at the Sunkist Warehouse

How many people do you plan to invite? Estimate a head count. Once you come up with this number you can begin talking to venues that will accommodate the group size. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, many places have reduced the capacity of their spaces. If a venue does accommodate that number, consider the dimensions of the area and the layout you’ll have on the day of the event. With all the furniture and props, will your guests feel comfortable with the space between chairs, getting around and so forth? If it’s a party, will there be room for a dance floor? Most importantly, will there be enough space for social distancing?  

consider the dimensions of the area and the layout you’ll have on the day of the event.


This number should be set according to your comfortability, resources, and reason. There’s always a budget and usually everything revolves around this number. When choosing a venue, the guest size will heavily impact the overall cost so keep in mind that the number of attendees and your budget will go hand in hand. The more heads, the more it’ll cost. Additionally, consider what other services the venue offers. Is the actual location worth the price tag? Does the package offer more bang for your buck? Only you can determine that. 


Is the venue indoor, outdoor, or both? Think about what the ideal setting for your event would look like and meet with venues who will accommodate your vision. If it is an outdoor venue, be sure there is a plan for various weather conditions. This is especially important to address when choosing the season in which the event will take place. 


Tart food from wedding at Sunkist Warehouse

People tend to remember the food and the music more than anything after an occasion. In other words, good food puts people in a great mood to dance, so make sure the food is top notch! If you have a caterer in mind, make sure the venue approves off-site catering. Some venues work only with onsite catering and other venues require you to find your own. Determine your options when choosing a venue and evaluate how that will affect your budget.  

Some venues work only with onsite catering and other venues require you to find your own.


Depending on the occasion, it might be convenient for you to have access to certain amenities. For instance, the Sunkist Warehouse offers a wheelchair accessible ramp at the entrance, two bathrooms, a large lobby space, Wi-Fi, free parking, and a representative present on the day of the event. Learning what the venue has to offer you in terms of extra services can mean all the difference if you’re in between choices of locations to choose from.  


When shopping for venues you will want to ask about the accessibility of the venue on the day of the event. If the venue is hosting multiple events on that same day, ask how much time in advance you can access the space to begin setting up and how long after you will have to clean up.  

Here at Sunkist Warehouse, we allow up to 5 hours of set up time on the day of the event. In addition, our large bay doors open so you can drive your car up and load/unload equipment. 

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